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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

USPSA 3 Gun Round Two

Here they are, the highlights of my second USPSA 3 Gun match courtesy the great guys at the Mill Creek Practical Shooting League here in Kansas. As indicated by the snow on the ground, it was cold and miserable. The winter here does not seem to want to loosen its grip.

For those new to my blog, when I received notice of my upcoming assignment to a training team in Iraq, I decided that I would not waste the valuable time waiting to report to training. A good friend of mine suggested competitive practical shooting as a means to provide marksmanship training that the Army is unable to provide to officers attending a service school in the TRADOC commands. Simply put, these days there are not enough bullets to go around.

As for my performance, well, I finished middle of the pack in pistol. Accuracy wise, I'm shooting as well as anyone else. It's the speed factor that's getting me. I've yet to master the double tap and fast transitions necessary to move up the leaderboards. I am also working through years of bad weaver stance by adopting the isosceles technique. So far I can get there when I concentrate, but it has yet to become second nature.

This is still the most fun I have ever had on a range. I don't know what kind of marksmanship training is in store for me before my next assignment, but common sense tells me it will not equal what I am getting from competition.

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Author said...

Very nice.

I notice you were 8 of 10 in the shotgun, and there were no highlights in the video. Good thing there won't be a whole lot of shotgunning in Iraq.

Just kidding. It looks like your catching on fast, and if speed is all you lack that will come. Getting faster is easier to remedy than being a horrible shot.