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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frisco Soldier Gets Home Back

It's being reported today in the Dallas Morning News that Captain Michael Clauer is getting his home back. As is the usual nature of litigation and negotiation, no terms are disclosed. Courtesy the DMN:
An agreement that enables them to keep the house was reached this week
during a court-ordered settlement conference.

A gag order prevents those involved from sharing details. But the
bottom line is that the Clauers once again own their home in the Heritage Lakes

“The family is very pleased that this matter has been resolved,” said
their attorney."


Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka said...

That's good news. Still bullshit that they had to go through this in the first place though.

(If I double-post this, I'm sorry, had internet issues)

Anonymous said...

Yes he got the house back, but at what cost. So much time, stress and attorneys fees spent all because someone else broke the SCRA law. There should be a law allowing for attorneys fees and also send those responsible for breaking this law to jail. Maybe then these HOA's will stop breaking this federal law. Any one who is thankful for their freedom, thank and soldier. We can thank this soldier by contributing to the legal defense fund set up for him:
Clauer Legal Defense Fund
c/o Plains Capital Bank
1629 Hebron Parkway West
Carrolloton, texas 75010

Anonymous said...
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