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Saturday, March 20, 2010


This weekend, I watched NCAA basketball and chased my kids around the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. We met up with a large group of extended family, played in the indoor water park, and stayed up late socializing and reminiscing about old times. I picked Kansas to go all the way to win the national title, but with them, Villanova, and Georgetown biting the early dust, I've falling from expert prognosticator down the rungs to enthusiastic homer (Go Ags!).

What I didn't do was: think about work, the short story I have out for query, the WIP, or the completed manuscript(s) that really deserves a good rewrite. It was a nice couple days of taking a break from the normal grind.

Lately, writing has been my unplug, but as I become more embroiled in one project after another, it's moving from hobby to labor, and not in a good way. So, concentrating on family and basketball has been a nice change.

That's it for this week, nothing complicated. I'm going to have a beer, watch a movie with my wife, and continue the unplugging-mission for a little longer.


Danni said...

Sometimes we all need a breath of fresh air. I work full-time and write after everyone goes to bed. I even took Friday off and wrote all day and I'll be doing it again tomorrow. But today, we took off and walked around the beach, people watched and listened to a guy sing through the 70's greatest hits. The cool breeze and salty air were incredibly refreshing. I'm ready to start strong again tomorrow.

Falcata Times said...

You need breaks, writing whilst an amateur is a project for fun, relaxation et al. Its when you have to move to the professional angle that things should be taken as a full time job.

What you'll probably find is that this mini break will fill you with a need to get back to writing alongside giving your mind a chance to have a wander on its own. Its a great way to get a new lease of life into your piece as well as possibly fixing some of the trickier aspects of the current WIP.

If you don't already, make sure you have a day a week off to do something different, ie watch a film, get out of the house etc. Its a great way to recharge.

Anonymous said...

I have to break away from writing every once in a while, but Falcata's right ... after a bit, my brain starts screaming at me to start writing again.

A break, preferably a RELAXING break, is always a good thing!


Angela Addams said...

A well deserved break by the sound of things!

I've been taking a break too...mainly because I'm in limbo, edging toward hell and really can't focus on much beyond the what ifs...

So, breaking is good...when you head back to your projects you'll be refreshed and excited...ready to let the words spill all over the page.

Diane Girard said...

As the others have said - breaks are essential. It's especially helpful to get away from you usual setting and from your computer, that's a real break as opposed to a mini-break. For me, a mini-break is a walk. A real break woul be getting out of town for a few days, preferably more than two, and away from all responsibilities.

I haven't had one of those in a year, but I do recall that after my trip I was filled with fresh writing energy.

So, take breaks and enjoy 'em. They'll do you lots of good.

Michelle said...

We all need to unplug now and then.

I'm on my last week of unplugging. Next week, it's back to the outline grind for me.