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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Job and a New Patch

New assignment, new mission, new patch. Finally after years of bouncing around since my time at Fort Sill, I'm back wearing a bona fide patch. Hello Big Red One. Why isn't the One Red? Don't ask me, I am just a bit stoked that the Leavenworth Lamp is off my shoulder replaced by an insignia with history and tradition.
I am now the Effects and Operations Advisor of a Military Transition Team which will be assigned to an Iraqi Infantry Brigade sometime in January. I anticipate the assignment will be the most challenging in my career, but it also has the potential to be the most rewarding as the Iraqis continue to step up to the table and take charge.
This marks a transition in my blog as I will now focus on detailing the experience of myself and my team.


Anonymous said...

Cool! On a professional level, your insights on what is going on the the development of the ISF will be interesting. On a personal level, I just want to know how a friend is doing downrange. Take it easy and keep us posted.

Ken said...

Not a problem. I hope to have enough internet access 'over there' to keep refreshing the blog.